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Sensory Marketing

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Sensory branding is spreading more and more and allows, today as it is today, to make the difference. It is no coincidence that the great fashion brands, and not just fashion, have always invested in perfume.
If you are working on marketing a business, our Sensory products: perfume tapes, perfume labels, perfumers could create the brilliant idea for your next olfaction-based campaign.

Emotional marketing bases its roots on the awareness that emotions are, first of all, to represent the stimulus that drives a person to make decisions, including purchasing choices.
Olfactory memory is ancient and instinctive and can not be rationally controlled like the other senses.
The sense of smell is linked to our ancestral part, to the evolutionary period in which the human being based his action on sensorial experiences.

A differenza degli altri sensi, gli odori restano impressi nel cervello umano molto più a lungo e le rielaborazioni olfattive avvengono in maniera più inconscia ed immediata.

Pamela Dalton, University of Rockefeller researcher, has carried out a study on our ability to remember and assimilate by demonstrating that the human being recalls 5% of what he sees, 2% of what he hears, 1% of what he touches and 35% of what you smell.

Printing scented ribbons
Different techniques of Printing ribbons with scented inks
Adhesive scented labels
Adhesive labels printed with scented inks
profumatori personalizzati
Profumatori ambiente stampati oppure monocromatici a rilievo
Stampe profumate
Business cards, brochures, shopping bags with scented print
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