• Perfumed ribbon orange essence

    Orange essence to be used on ribbons and labels

  • ribbons labels coffee essence

    Stimulating coffee scent on ribbons and ennobled prints

  • cinnamon perfume printed ribbons

    Ribbons and labels with exotic scent of cinnamon

  • Chocolate melted perfumed prints

    The captivating and warm scent of chocolate on ribbons and labels

  • Raspberry perfume labels

    Intriguing scent of raspberries on labels and ribbons

  • Lavender ribbons labels

    Sense of clean and freshness in printing with lavender essence

  • Vanilla scent ribbons

    Sweet and satisfying scent of vanilla on the printing of ribbons and labels

Available for scented ribbons and scented labels

Essences for ribbons labelsFRUITS:
Apricot, sour cherry, pineapple, watermelon, orange, banana, cherry, cedar, coconut, strawberry, dried fruit, berries, tropical fruits, kiwi, raspberry, lemon, mandarin, almond, mango, green apple, melon, blueberry, hazelnut , pear, peach, grapefruit, plum, blackcurrant, grapes.
Bouquet di fiori, ciclamino, erba tagliata, eucalyptolo, felce, fiori d'arancio, gardenia, garofano, gelsomino, giglio bianco, glicine, iris, lavanda, legno, lillà, malva, margherita, mirto, mughetto, peonia, orchidea, pino, rosa, tiglio, violetta.
Orange, cinnamon, sea breeze, candy, chewingum, lemongrass, coca cola, gum, grappa, wood, sun oil, strawberry cream, skin, feminine scent, marseille soap, soap "Dove", talcum powder.
Amber, incense, white musk, patchouly, sandalwood, tobacco, marine, new car, vanilla.
Biscuit, coffee, camomile, caramel, meat, milk chocolate, cheese, porcini mushroom, brandy, yogurt, liquorice, mint, honey, mortadella, nutella, stale bread, panettone, pizza, ham, truffle, green tea, red tea, the orange, vanilla, muscat wine, spiced pan, cotton candy.
Garlic, bay leaf, anise, basil, cinnamon, onion, coriander, mint, myrtle, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, truffle, thyme, vanilla, saffron, ginger.

        Fragrances on request

By providing a small quantity of essential oil of the perfume you like, we can extract its olfactory bases by recreating the essence you require, which will be used in the special screen printing varnishes.

       Availability of essences for the offered products:

Ribbons and Labels can be scented and printed with all the fragrances shown above.

Sensory perfumers printed in four-colors printing: available in 3 ready-made fragrances supplied with ribbon and inserted in a sealed transparent bag starting from 300 pieces.

Sensory rubber perfumers with low-relief graphics: with essential oil supply we can extract and perfume the requested fragrance; supplied with ribbon inserted in a sealed transparent envelope with a minimum of 3,000 pieces.

Custom ribbons with different techniques and with perfumed inks


Custom adhesive labels in coil printed with perfumed inks


Air freshener 4-colours printed or monochromatic in relief


Business Cards, brochures, shopper, printed with scented inks


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