Custom ribbons scratch and smell

Perfumed ribbonsScratch and sniffWhat are the scented ribbons?

They are ribbons to pack in double satin of 20-25 mm height personalized and treated with a special varnish with microcapsules soaked in essence.
At the rubbing the microcapsules break and amaze with perfume.
Minimum quantity 1.000 m.

Absolute innovation set up in our research laboratory!assoluta messa a punto nel nostro laboratorio di ricerca!

What can I request to have scented ribbons?

Available essences for ribbons and labels
Fragrances on ad hoc requests (also from essential oil supplied by the customer for the preparation of microcapsules).
Study of customized solutions.

Ribbons can be customized with the following printing techniques:

• Hot Printing

• Rotatory Prinyting

• Silk-Screen Printing (flat or embossed)


• Long time of the action (smell)
Olfactory marketing actions
High customization
• Charming Packging

Stampa Nastri profumati

Nastri - profumati stampati


Available for scented ribbons and scented labels
No need to supply essential oil

Apricot, sour cherry, pineapple, watermelon, orange, banana, cherry, cedar, coconut, strawberry, dried fruit, berries, tropical fruits, kiwi, raspberry, lemon, mandarin, almond, mango, green apple, melon, blueberry, hazelnut , pear, peach, grapefruit, plum, blackcurrant, grapes.
Bouquet of flowers, cyclamen, cut grass, eucalyptol, fern, orange blossom, gardenia, carnation, jasmine, white lily, wisteria, iris, lavender, wood, lilac, mauve, daisy, myrtle, lily of the valley, peony, orchid, pine , rose, linden, violet.
Orange, cinnamon, sea breeze, candy, chewingum, lemongrass, coca cola, gum, grappa, wood, sun oil, strawberry cream, skin, feminine scent, marseille soap, soap "Dove", talcum powder.
Amber, incense, white musk, patchouly, sandalwood, tobacco, marine, new car, vanilla.
Biscuit, coffee, camomile, caramel, meat, milk chocolate, cheese, porcini mushroom, brandy, yogurt, liquorice, mint, honey, mortadella, nutella, stale bread, panettone, pizza, ham, truffle, green tea, red tea, the orange, vanilla, muscat wine, spiced pan, cotton candy.
Garlic, bay leaf, anise, basil, cinnamon, onion, coriander, mint, myrtle, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, truffle, thyme, vanilla, saffron, ginger.

Scented ribbons on sensory marketing



Tapes treated with particular techniques can be customized with the following printing procedures:

The ribbons are printed passing from the printing rubber on which the colors forming the design or the slogan to be obtained have been deposited.

The ink deposit on the tapes happens by the passage of the pigment through a screen printing frame, formerly in silk and now in synthetic fiber, according to the technique of silk-screen printing. The colors are permanent and weights a wide palette.
The ribbons are printed by applying laminated colors: a foil with metallized color passes through a high temperature head which allows the ink to be deposited on the support (the ribbon).

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