Perfumed Labels

Scented labelsScented labelsWhat are the scented adhesive labels?

They are adhesive labels supplied in rolls that are treated with a special paint soaked in microcapsules of essence.
At the rubbing the microcapsules break and inebriate with perfume.

What can I request to have Scented Labels?

Wide range of essences available.
Long duration of the action.
Fragrances on ad hoc requests (also from essential oils supplied by the customer for the extraction of the microcapsules).
Study of customized solutions in shape and size.


Etichette Profumate

Labels printed with perfumed inks

Adhesive label  scented panettone inks

Scratch & Smell tiramisu

Scratch & Smell torta di mele

Scratch & Smell strudel

Scratch & Smell tuberose

Below are some examples of scented labels in available essences.
It is possible to obtain the microspheres for printing labels from essential oils supplied by the customers so there is no limit in the choice of the fragrance.
etichetta profumo arancio etichetta profumo cannella etichetta profumo cioccolato
etichetta profumo lampone etichetta profumo lavanda etichetta profumo vaniglia
etichetta profumo caffe


Available for scented ribbons and scented labels
No need to supply essential oil

Apricot, sour cherry, pineapple, watermelon, orange, banana, cherry, cedar, coconut, strawberry, dried fruit, berries, tropical fruits, kiwi, raspberry, lemon, mandarin, almond, mango, green apple, melon, blueberry, hazelnut , pear, peach, grapefruit, plum, blackcurrant, grapes.
Bouquet of flowers, cyclamen, cut grass, eucalyptol, fern, orange blossom, gardenia, carnation, jasmine, white lily, wisteria, iris, lavender, wood, lilac, mauve, daisy, myrtle, lily of the valley, peony, orchid, pine , rose, linden, violet.
Orange, cinnamon, sea breeze, candy, chewingum, lemongrass, coca cola, gum, grappa, wood, sun oil, strawberry cream, skin, feminine scent, marseille soap, soap "Dove", talcum powder.
Amber, incense, white musk, patchouly, sandalwood, tobacco, marine, new car, vanilla.
Biscuit, coffee, camomile, caramel, meat, milk chocolate, cheese, porcini mushroom, brandy, yogurt, liquorice, mint, honey, mortadella, nutella, stale bread, panettone, pizza, ham, truffle, green tea, red tea, the orange, vanilla, muscat wine, spiced pan, cotton candy.
Garlic, bay leaf, anise, basil, cinnamon, onion, coriander, mint, myrtle, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, truffle, thyme, vanilla, saffron, ginger.

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