Scented prints

How we perfume the prints:

The micro-encapsulated essence is printed and preserved over time until the rubbing causes the microcapsules that release the essence to break.
This guarantees long duration of action (scrach & sniffs/rubs & sniffs)

Scented business cards

Biglietti visita profumati

Business cards with scented print

Presenting yourself with a business card remains and will remain the first essential contact in a meeting with the interlocutor;
adding a fragrance to the encounter using smell is a smart way to enhance one's image.

The essence released by rubbing the card will stimulate the memory of the event.



Scented prints

brochure profumate

Leaflets printed with scented inks

Communicating a message using the sense of smell as well as sight offers more opportunities to capture the interest of those we want to reach.
Printed paper is the most popular means of communication, if ennobled with a fragrance it accelerates the effectiveness of communication.

Scented shopper


Shopper and bags with perfumed print

The purchase of a product stored in an anonymous bag does not accompany the brand
instead if personalized it extends the effectiveness of the brand.
If the evocative power of smell is added to the visual customization
we reach unconscious involuntary but very effective goals in strengthening the brand or the message of communication.